Hcoin announcement on global city partner recruitment

Dear hcoin users:

After one year's development, hcoin has become a trading platform with hundreds of thousands of registered users. In order to further expand the business scope of the platform, hcoin will recruit City partners. Details are as follows:

I. opening application time of global city partners

10:00, November 1, 2019 (GMT + 8)

II. Application conditions for global city partners

1. The user can enter 500hcp after locking the warehouse;

2. The platform reviews the users who have successfully registered. The users need to meet the following conditions:

• senior digital currency investors

Have certain economic strength

• local office

• good local social relations

Market development plan can be made and market promotion activities can be organized in cooperation with the platform.

3. Users who have passed the platform audit need to lock up 49500hcp again, and the total amount of 50000hcp will be officially the city partner;

4. The HCP of the city partner is locked for one year, and the redemption can be applied for within one week after expiration, otherwise, the platform will default that the user will continue to be the city partner and continue to lock the position.

III. basic rules for global city partners

1. The user can buy HCP with 0.12usdt through the city partner in the region (limited to 1000 usdt HCP for a single user);

2. When users buy HCPs with 0.12 usdt, the platform will buy back with 0.16 usdt on the city partner activity page; (HCPs purchased by participating in the city partner activity can only be traded on the city partner activity page, not in the secondary market);

3. The usdt obtained by the user selling HCP will enter the locked state, and will be unlocked in 500 days in equal proportion, 2 ‰ per day;

For example, if the user Xiaoming invests 1000 usdt to buy 8333.3 HCPs, the hcoin platform will buy back at 0.16 usdt, with a total value of 1333.3 usdt, unlock in 500 days, unlock 2 ‰ every day, with a total yield of 33.3% and an annual yield of 24.3%. It is equivalent to that Xiaoming can get 2.66usdt per day, 80usdt per month (30 days per month), 80 * 12.5 = 1000usdt, i.e. the cost can be returned in one year and 15 days.

4. Dual Commission of city partners:

Commission refund I: after the user in the city partner's location successfully purchases HCP according to the rules, the city partner will receive 10% of the user's investment as an award (after the award, the city partner is equivalent to buying HCP with 0.108usdt);

Commission refund II: City partners will be rewarded with total sales volume, with the following criteria:

Number of HCPs sold by city partners

Get extra commission


500 USDT


800 USDT


1600 USDT


3000 USDT

For example: if a city partner's users invest 120000usdt in total, that is, purchase 1 million HCPs, then the city partner can get 12000usdt of hcoin Commission (the commission rate is 10% of the user's investment amount) + additional Commission 500usdt + 800usdt + 1600usdt totaling 14900usdt.

IV. rights and interests of global city partners

1. Global city partners are unique in each city and enjoy regional protection. The term of office is 1 year by default;

2. HCPs locked by global city partners have the property of hedging. If the user wants to remove the identity of the city partner after the lock up period expires, all HCPs of the lock up will be released, and the user can freely trade in the secondary market. If the secondary market price of HCP is lower than 0.108usdt, the platform promises to buy back at the price of 0.108usdt;

3. The city partner has the right to invite the user to become a Kunpeng member and get a commission (see the notice of Kunpeng member for details of Kunpeng member). The city partner will get a 200usdt Commission for each user invited to become a Kunpeng member, and the Commission will be directly returned to the city partner's account;

4. The city partner can form an official team and enjoy 20% of the transaction fee as the team fund, which will be distributed by the team leader.

V. special instructions

1. If there are multiple qualified users applying for city partners in a city, the customer service personnel will conduct regional coordination, and the application fee of 500hcp will be refunded if the coordination fails;

2. When applying for resignation due to personal reasons, all HCPs locked in the warehouse will be released to the personal account and can not be applied for again within half a year;

3. The first three months shall be the probationary period since I became a global city partner. If the number of HCPs invited by global city partners to purchase is less than 10 or the amount is less than 10000 usdt within three months, it will be deemed as inaction, and will be deemed as automatically giving up the identity of "global city partner". All HCPs locked in the warehouse will be released to personal accounts, and can not be applied for within half a year.

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HCoin team

October 31, 2019