【currency introduction】XRP currency introduction

I. introduction:

Rayleigh wave currency (Ripple/XRP) provides an unimpeded global payment network using the block chain technology, is the world's first open payment network, by adding Ripple growing network of global payments can transfer any a kind of currency, including the dollar, euro, yen and RMB or COINS, simple and quick, transaction confirmation in a few seconds to complete, transaction cost is almost zero, there is no such thing as an inter-bank foreign and international payments. Ripple is an open source point-to-point payment network that allows any institution or individual to easily, cheaply, and securely transfer money to any institution or individual on the Internet, anywhere in the world. Ripple is p2p software that no individual, company, or government controls can create a Ripple account for anyone.

Since May 2017, rebo's network of verifiers has expanded by 140 percent to 55 participants, including WorldLink, telindus-proximus group, Microsoft, MIT, CGI, Swedish ISP, Bahnhof, and data center and system integration service provider AT TOKYO. All of these players are now maintaining the integrity of the XRP ledger (previously known as the raybo consensus ledger), running software to help them agree on trade settlement orders.

Ii. Features

Rayleigh wave of money is the only currency in ripple system, its different from other currencies in the ripple system, other currencies such as the CNY and USD cannot cross gateway withdrawal, in other words, A gateway issued CNY only in A gateway withdrawal, if in gateway B withdrawal, must through the ripple system function into the deity gateway CNY can B to B gateway withdrawal. Ripple has no such limitations and is common in ripple.

Iii. Detailed parameters:

Release date: April 18, 2011

Total issue: 100,000,000,000XRP

Total circulation: 99,991,633,428XRP

Market cap: $131.705 billion

Core algorithm: OpenCoin original algorithm

Incentives: RPCA

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