【currency introduction】RUN currency introduction

I. introduction: RUN Chain is a medium of exchange in the RUN communication ecosystem. It USES block Chain technology, the Internet of things and intelligent contracts to evaluate and quantify the energy consumed during the movement, so that users in the movement can realize the Token of value exchange through energy consumption. Based on the comparison and diagnosis of intelligent data, RUN Chain creates a personal sports health file. In the next five years, it will build a sports health big data platform for 1 billion people. Meanwhile, it will greatly promote the development of the current popular sports and intelligent sports equipment industry in the Internet of things.
The RUN ecosphere starts with smart shoes. In the future, smart treadmill, smart spinning, smart gym and marathon will be opened up in sports scenes and projects. The RUN foundation will integrate global intelligent fitness, sports equipment and RUN usage scenarios to create a closed loop of RUN chain. Tokens obtained by users through exercise will be exchanged and used in the RUN ecological alliance, which will completely open up the sports ecosphere and make every energy consumed by users generate value.

Ii. Detailed parameters:
English full name: RUN Chain
RUN for short
Currency type: ERC20
Release date: August 28, 2019
Total issuance: 1,000,000,000

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