Gold Medal 13th issue project on-line announcement

Dear HCoin users:

Good coin website ( will launch the 13th Gold Medal channel on October 1, Hong Kong time. This time, the online project is TZS.

The 13th issue of Gold Medal will be carried out in the way of making an appointment for winning the Gold Medal. The process includes making an appointment, making an appointment for winning the Gold Medal and publicizing the result.

[appointment rule]

1, personal account holding at least 100USDT, USDT is used for reservation payment Token;

2. From 10:00 on October 1st to 14:59 on October 1st is the appointment period, and TZS/USDT trading is open to normal trading at 18:00 on October 1st

3. Open the reservation at 10:00 on October 1. When the reservation number is frozen for 1USDT, one reservation number can be obtained, with a minimum of 100 signatures and a maximum of 10000 signatures (10000USDT).

4. The deadline of the reservation number is 15:00 on October 1, 16:00 for the public announcement of the winning bid, 16:00~18:00 for the share release, and 18:00 on October 1 for the opening of the transaction.

5. TZS release rules: release 20%TZS at 18:00 on October 1, and release 1% at 18:00 every day from October 2 to December 20.


1. Recharge USDT;

2. From 10:00 on October 1 to 14:59 on October 1, click on the reservation page to apply;

3. The system locks the USDT corresponding to the reservation share and generates the batch number;

4. The reservation is full or the reservation will be stopped at 15:00 on October 1, and the total number of visas issued will be announced at the same time;

5. At 15:00 on October 1, the system began to monitor the next bitcoin block ID and draw lots according to the block ID;

6. After the lottery results were announced from 16:00 to 18:00 on October 1, the system successively issued TZS to the winning users and deducted the corresponding share USDT;

7. Start the transaction of TZS/USDT currency pair at 18:00 on October 1.

【 rules of lottery 】
A decentralized lottery is adopted to determine all the winning Numbers with the random value of bitcoin block ID. The drawing process is as follows:

1. Take the hash value of the first bitcoin block after 15:00 on the lottery day of Hong Kong time
2. Take the first 12 significant digits in reverse order and +1 to get the random market number X
3. Start to determine the winning number:
(1) divide X by the total number of tickets issued C, and get the remainder Y+1 as the number of the first winning ticket
(2) after that, a winning number (K= the total number of issued signatures /180180, and the minimum number of K is 1) will be selected every K, and 180179 will be selected
(3) if the winning number is selected again, the latest unsuccessful number will be selected
(4) if backward traversing to the maximum signature number, continue to traverse backwards from 0000001

Simply put, it is to determine a random winning number through block hash, and draw a winning number every certain interval from the beginning of the winning number until it is full.

【TZS rules 】
Name of token: TenzShield (TZS)
Total tokens: 10,000,000,000 TZS

Reservation platform: (, web side only
Total number of appointments: 99,999,900 TZS
Payment: USDT
Reservation qualification: hold 100USDT
Reservation limit: the maximum transaction limit for the limit period of each account is 10,000 USDT
Reservation price: 1TZS=0.0018018USDT
Share of single signature: 1 signature =1USDT=555 TZS
Total participation limit: 1,801,800 USDT
Opening time: 18:00, October 1, 2019

Add official customer service WeChat group details: Hcoin003