About HCoin

Mission Statement

Pursing the finest services, propelling the advancement of the industry.

Platform Introduction: is an overseas registered cryptocurrency trading platform dedicated to providing users with safe, fast and stable full services. The platform business covers comprehensive services such as cryptocurrency trading, big data analysis and digital asset management. receives Starlight Capital, Guanghe Capital, Engine Capital, Cloud Capital, Three-Chain Capital, Chain Capital, BD Fund, BW Fund, YC Fund, Richway Fund, NewBlock Capital, BlockRock Capital, SKYCC Capital, Beecool, etc. dozens of cornerstone strategic investments. has a top international financial management team, comprehensive and long-term development planning, and the future development potential is immeasurable.
Want to invest in good cryptocurrency? Go to! We hope to build a high-quality exchange with safe assets, convenient operation and first-class experience to provide the best service for users.

Team Introduction

The core members of platform technology and product team are from well-known Internet companies such as Alibaba Group. They have rich experience in product technology and the product safety factor is comparable to that of financial securities. has a strong financial management team with members from Morgan Stanley, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), Blackstone Group and other internationally renowned financial institutions. Our market value management and risk control have achieved international top level.
The core management of is the earliest practitioners and investors in the cryptocurrency industry. It has extensive global operating experience in the cryptocurrency field and has excellent control over business strategy.