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Platform advantage

Open and transparent data, escorted by top security teams, registered by millions of users worldwide

  • Multiple security mechanism

    Many top security platform uninterrupted scanning

    shielding all kinds of security risks

  • Open and transparent

    Public repurchase, daily destruction

    down to $10 billion then start drawing dividends

  • Low commissioning Fee

    The handling fee is as low as 0.1%-0.2%.

    80% of handling fee profit is repurchased and destroyed

  • Dedicated customer service

    exclusive customer service for registered user of the whole network

    one on one counselling


Compliance license business strength credit endorsement efficient security service

Terminals are abundant

IOS、Android、Windows Multi-terminal operation at any time, seize the minute and second opportunity

Management Strength

Top Capital Participation, Diversified Institutions Help Platform Growth

HCoin Warband

Welcome to HCoin family!

Create HCoin Team System, Establish Team Fund + Contribution Value Play Method, Share Benefits.

Join your favorite team, or build your own team.


Open your journey of digital assets, support nearly 100 kinds of digital assets such as BTC Bitcoin, EOS, ETH, etc., and provide various investment modes such as trading, deposit and loan.