Announcement on hcoin Kunpeng member Online

 Dear hcoin users:

Hcoin online Kunpeng member service, users can enjoy member rights and interests after successfully applying for Kunpeng member, details are as follows:

I. application time:

10:00, October 22, 2019 (UTC + 8)

2. Application conditions:

Users need to purchase no less than 2 million hcoins, and the lock in time is one year.

3. Membership rights and interests:

1. Income from lock up:

Members enjoy 20% of the lock in income of hcoin annualized. The interest is released daily and the principal is repaid when due. At the end of one year, members can apply for redemption of hcoin within one week, otherwise the platform will be deemed as automatic re investment.

2. Cash handling fee Dividend:

During the period of Kunpeng members, if hcoin is destroyed to only 10 billion, Kunpeng members are equal to other users holding coins, and still enjoy the dividend of hcoin handling fee.

3. Preferential transaction fee:

Kunpeng members are entitled to a 20% discount on the transaction fee. After the discount, they can continue to use HCP for deduction.

4. Priority of IEO project:

Kunpeng members have the priority to subscribe IEO project tokens and enjoy the exclusive quota of members.

5. Hedging commitment:

HCoin platform promises that users participating in kunpeng will not incur any losses. The platform will take the average daily price of HCOIN held by kunpeng members as the standard. If the average daily price of HCOIN held by kunpeng members falls below the average daily price of the application day after the membership expires, the platform promises to buy back all the HCOIN held by kunpeng members at the average daily price of the application day (for example: For example, xiaoming used 2 million HCOIN and applied to be a kunpeng member on October 22, 2019. The average daily price of HCOIN on the application day was 0.0052USDT. Xiaoming's HCOIN was released on October 22, 2020.

6. Free Hong Kong tourism opportunities

Kunpeng members enjoy a free three-day tour of Hong Kong once a year. Hcoin platform provides accommodation, excluding transportation costs.

7. "Want to live in card" tourism benefits:

Kunpeng members get a "want to live card" worth 699 yuan.

The card supports members to stay in the high-end holiday homestay in China for free and unlimited times within one year, covering more than 60 travel destinations including Hangzhou, Dali, Lijiang, Moganshan, Yangshuo, Xiamen, Suzhou, Nanjing, Anji, Shenzhen, etc.

8. Exclusive customer service:

Kunpeng members enjoy 7 * 16 hours of private customer service.

9. Holiday gift care:

Kunpeng members enjoy Festival gift benefits.

10. Offline party and resource docking:

Kunpeng members can participate in high-end gatherings, communicate with elites and KOLs in the same industry, and obtain industry information in the first time.

11. Project incubation and priority currency:

Kunpeng members can launch projects, the platform provides project incubation support, and enjoy the priority of project currency.

(Note: item 7 "want to live card" service of member rights and interests is provided by Lucia project party. Users with questions about this service can directly consult the project party. Wechat of staff of the project: luciachain

Thank you for your support!

HCoin team

October 21, 2019