[Currency Introduction] ACN Currency Introduction

I introduction:

ACN, as a new generation of intelligent block chain, aims to solve the computational energy requirements encountered in the process of class-to-intelligence, speed up the trans-regional flow of resources and more convenient compilation and integration of the intelligent response of Sinochem. From the micro-payment, super-ledger, Sinochem characteristics and intelligence of the block chain should be perfectly integrated to realize the target from UAPP+AI to UAIPAP.

ACN ecological construction is essentially based on sustainable value creation: artificial intelligence serves the two major sustainable value-added fields of finance and medical health. Through the construction of POC ecology, an ecological growth model based on money-holding and mining is realized.  The consensus value of finance lies in the intelligent challenges to be urgently solved for wealth growth, risk aversion and portfolio investment.  The consensus value of health care comes from data.  Therefore, in the four dimensions of data value discovery, intelligent decision-making, status quo identification and risk management, the value chain between health and wealth can be opened up to generate sustainable profits.  Through holding ACN and circulating consumption, the fair distribution of rights and interests can be realized.

II. Detailed Parameters:

Chinese Name: United Chain

English full name: artificial intelligence creative network

English abbreviation: ACN

Currency type: ERC20

Issue date: June 30, 2019

Total Issue: 10 Billion

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