Hcoin's announcement on supporting and opening erc20-usdt replenishment and online usdt balance doubling activities

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At 19:00 (GMT + 8) on October 28, 2019, hcoin platform opened erc20-usdt charging and withdrawing function. After opening, hcoin platform supports the following two types of usdt charging and withdrawing currency:

1. Omni: usdt type based on BTC

2. Erc20: usdt type based on eth

At the same time, the usdt balance interest doubling activity was opened for 7 days, October 28, 19:00-november 3, 23:59 (GMT + 8). During the activity, users who hold usdt on hcoin official website will enjoy 8% of the seven-day annual income.

Relevant activity rules:

1. Circulation rules of principal and interest:

No restriction on circulation, trading and withdrawal at any time.

2. Calculation method of principal:

From the activity date, the system will randomly snapshot the currency balance, and the daily interest principal is the minimum value of the currency balance on that day.

3. Yield:

Usdt: 7-day annualized income of about 8%.

4. Participation mode and income distribution:

On the day of the activity, usdt will be transferred to the currency account (no interest will be accrued on that day);

The second day (0 point) starts to calculate the income, and the third day (11 point) starts to release the income.

5. Compound interest growth:

The daily interest income will be superposed with the principal, i.e. (1usdt + interest) × interest rate


The user transferred to 1usdt on October 28, and the revenue will not be calculated on October 28. The revenue will be calculated from 00:00 on October 29. The revenue will be received from 11:00 to 12:00 on October 30, that is, the revenue on October 29 will be received at 11:00 on October 30.


The interest rate will fluctuate with the market, and the hcoin team has the final right to explain.

This activity does not conflict with the original "balance interest" of the platform. After the activity, the income of users holding usdt is still calculated according to the original "balance interest" rule of the platform.

Balance interest calculation rules: click View

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October 28, 2019