Announcement about the launch of HCoin block trading area

Dear HCoin users:

In order to give you better service, HCoin platform officially launched block trading service at 21:00(HKT) on October 21, 2019.

The function is described as follows:
HCoin bulk service area will be open from time to time, and the participating projects and quota will be notified in the form of announcement. During the period of block trading, the user can sell the corresponding token through the activity page at a price higher than the current market price of the project. The USDT obtained by the exchange will enter into a locked state, unlocking it in proportion to the specified days and calculating the corresponding amount every day.

Participation threshold:
HCoin full platform coin holders;

Activity limit:
According to each period to participate in the bulk trading project different changes;

(such as xiao Ming on October 21, 2019 found HCoin HCoin bulk trading commodities trading service, the service on October 22, 2019, at 10:00 on sale price of 0.07 USDT (real-time price 0.05) geometric release, 500 days, xiao Ming can be held before the open service through (or purchase after a certain amount of HCoin such as: 1000000 HCoin), the service is open by selling commodities trade sector became 7000 USDT, exchange USDT obtained according to the geometric release 500 days to xiao Ming's wallet.)

The final interpretation right of this function belongs to HCoin.

HCoin team
October 21, 2019