[currency introduction] Lucy currency introduction

I. Introduction:

Lucy is a decentralized rental community based on the blockchain, which links idle houses and consumers around the world through sharing. Relying on long-term and short-term leasing in the global market of billions, we provide operators with crowdfunding, supply chain finance, upstream and downstream cooperation and other services, and provide consumers with high-quality, cost-effective, safer and reliable rental products. Lucy will increase the utilization rate of idle real estate resources in the world, provide reliable, transparent and verifiable multi-party collaborative solutions for the owners, operators and consumers of real estate resources, and achieve the win-win goal of multi-party high-yield, high efficiency and high quality.

II. Detailed parameters:

Chinese Name: Lucy

English full name: Lucy

English abbreviation: Lucy

Currency type: gxchain / GXC

Issue date: July 8, 2019

Total issue: 1000000000.00

III. relevant links

Official website:

White paper:'white'paper'1.0.pdf

Blockchain query address: # / asset / Lucy