What if you recharged the wrong cryptocurrency?

If you recharge the wrong cryptocurrency to your address at HCOIN.COM:

1、We generally do not provide recovery service for users who have recharged to the wrong address during operations.

2、In order to recover the serious losses caused by operation errors, HCOIN.COM will help you to recover your losses in the controllable cost range.

3、Since the retrieval operation requires a lot of labor costs, time cost and risk management costs, please provide the situation, your account number, and the type of cryptocurrency mistakenly recharged, address, quantity, txid (very important), and If there is a screenshot of the recharging information, we will respond promptly and determine if it meets the requirements for retrieval.

4、If it is possible to retrieve the wrong cryptocurrency, we need to install or upgrade the wallet software, export and import the private key. Only highly authorized personnel can perform such operations and one needs to go through a rigorous risk control review. The whole process takes a long time, please be patient.