How to link Google Authenticator

  1. After logging in to the official website, click on the account name in the upper right corner of the homepage and click on “Account Security” in the drop-down menu.

2.After entering the account security, click Link Google Verification.


3.Authenticator using your phone (if you have already downloaded it, skip this step).
 Download method:  iOS users log in to AppStore to search for "Authenticator", Android users log in to the app store or use the mobile browser to search for "Google Dynamic Password" and download.

4.Open the downloaded Google App, scan the QR code displayed on the page or manually enter the corresponding key.

5.Then, the Google Authenticator app on your phone will generate a string of 6-digit verification code, fill in the space, click "Next"


6.You may need to fill in the corresponding 6 digits in the Google Authenticator APP afterwards when logging into HCOIN.COM or using other security operations. The verification code changes once every 30 seconds. Please pay attention to the latest     verification code.

7.What if you lost your phone and google verification code is lost?

 a. It is strongly recommended that you save the key or QR code when you link the Google verification code. If you lost your phone, you can re-link it on your new phone.

 b. If you forget the backup key or QR code, you can contact [email protected] on the official website to apply for unlinking the Google verification code.